Silverline budget individual chisels

Silverline budget individual chisels

WE LOVE THESE !!!   When we tried them , we opend the box with trepidation and to our surprise it actualy looked good.

The finish on the steel work is fantastic and smooth, almost polished, better than some much more expensive chisels. (and there  FLAT AND SQUARE too)

   The Handles ,well we wern't impressed at first, they looked cheap, but we then tried to destroy them,it turned out we couldnt , we tried a sledge hammer first to make  it mushroom over  but it wouldn't.

 We  then tried to split the handle with a sharp wood chisel and sledge hammer, it just made big indents, in frustration we cut down the handle with a bandsaw just so we could see how it was attached , turns out it has a 2 inch forged tang seated on a socket base , so not likely to fall off . OK so sometimes the handles are not on perfectly straight some times their very slightly twisted  , but we can forgive them this as they hold an edge so well and then sharpen up to a very fine edge with ease and is comparable to a very good blade and AS WITH ALL SILVERLINE TOOLS  IT HAS A LIFETIME GUARANTEE 

We think these are A1 for the money as there cheaper than B&Q budget chisels. And  a better quality finish on the blade  than some premium ones.