Cobalt hacksaw blades        24.TPI        PACK OF 2

Cobalt hacksaw blades 24.TPI PACK OF 2

These Hacksaw blades are a bit special.

HSS and bi-metal blades are readily avalible but these cobalt blades are a diferent animal altogether there is nothing they wont cut.

Used mainly for cutting tool steels and A4  marine grade stainless ,their cobalt teeth outlast most other blades and are so hard they wont dull when cutting hard alloy steels that would distroy normal blades in just a few strokes.

We tested these on a 2 inch dia prop shaft in monel stainlees and it cut just as fast at the end as it did at the start it  took four bimetal blades to  make the same cut in comparison .


Worth every penny in saved time and effort  24 TPI