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welcome to our new blog

This is where we will be keeping everyone updated on the latest projects at our yard,

This is the boat that turned up today, we collected this boat from the canal near Alvchurch it is in a very sorry state with a big hole in the hull on the lower corner of the transom, missing windows, enough clutter for a horders paradise, more rust than the Titanic, currently it's outdoing slimer from the ghostbusters and has so much rot that it makes a compost heap look resplendent.

Most would say its beyond repair, but with a very small budget we are going to make dreams come true.

This boat is now owned by a local charity and we are going to turn it around and make it a relaxing safe haven on the water for people to use to help with the loss of loved ones.

We will be updating this blog every few days so keep checking to see all the latest projects and interesting jobs ,also this is where we will be posting lots of tips and tricks to help you on your way.

Happy Boating.

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