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Well I've been so busy that I've not had a chance to update the blog so my apologies,

Now today I went to see a customer who has been without a working engine for around four months .Having called on the services of a large well known national company (no names mentioned) he got them to install a "recon" engine for him this turned out to last him all of about a week was never a good starter and in the end just stopped starting altogether.

He called them out to fix the problem after much poking of the engine and several large bills they told him his engine was scrap and had no compression ( how they determined this with out a compression check amazes me ).

So on arrival I simply checked the engine had all it neede to start basicaly fuel, air and a source of heat (glow plugs). the latter seemed to be the problem. there was power to the glowplugs but nothing was happening no way had they failed to check the glow plugs surley.

On removal it became clear , The tips were missing off all four glowplugs and they would not heat up at all even with a direct connection to a battery so 4 new ones later and a turn the key it starts not only does it start but it starts wonderfully in less than one rotation of the engine ticking over on idle like a clock. The poor chap had been marooned on the canal side for all this time and spent an awfull lot of money because nobody checked the most basic of things I realy felt for him. But he was on his way again in less than an hour of my arrival.

So lets Keep It Stupidly Simple and always start at the begining and not go looking for a problem thats not there.

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