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Well I finaly managed to get back to writing again I've never known it so busy , since I last spoke to you I've had one job after another on the crazy front from taking engines out of boats without any crane whilst on the river bank to full rewires and refits so I just wanted to share some of the mad things we see on a daily basis.

The other day we got called out to a boat in Evesham that needed an engine service and the alternator reconecting ,or so we were told.

On closer inspection it turns out that the engine loom was a total wreck it had more joints than a rastaferian wedding and a wider selection of wire than a BT phonebox sales team convention.

But that wasnt the biggest problem along side the engine batteries were two big 12v truck batteries wired for 24v for the domestic power now we were told that the 24v system had just been re-done and was all new so didnt need any work.

But as you can see the main high ampage power leads are laid all over the prop shaft waiting to get caught up and short out . Needless to say we couldn't leave it like that so sorted it out as part of the job.

Not to be out done on the silly scale I went to look at another job and on going to look in the gas locker found two large batteries with 75% charge each, when checked. Each sat inches from two full gas cylinders and on top of both batteries ws a large steel anchor shorting out across the terminals of both batteries . There should be nothing in the gass locker but gas cylinders!

It's no wonder that boats blow up sometimes, Its ok saying its all safe as I've got a new four year BSS but who protects the owner from themselves over that four years.

Well until next time stay safe and happy boating.

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