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It's the things people just dont see us do!

Its' a good job i'm not claustrophobic as I get stuck in small spaces as part of my daily routine. This is part of a job we have been doing over the last month or two, a change of the cables and recondition of the sterndrive. It was just suposed to be a quick cable change, Ha how wrong was I?!

These are the jobs that test your patience. When people ask me what my labour rate is then you see their lips pucker like they just got force fed a big goosberry and start sucking in breath like they fell in the river in the middle of winter, This is why I charge what I charge,

although, you would pay more per hour at the local garage, just bear that in mind.

Anyway, so, all I had to do was thread two control cables in to the top of a sealed compartment and out the other side hmmmph. It took the best part of a whole morning to just get the first one in, but get it in I did.

Then it was a case of just threading the other cable along the first one with a cable tie or two to guide it along but would it come out the other side,

NO it would not, It had stage fright of the highest degree. After much struggling and about three hours of being stuck inbetween the batteries and exhaust manifold I managed to get them to get somewhere near the exit hole so I could fish them out. Well, now that the cables are in we can start to fit the new water pipe that feeds the fresh water intake from the sterndrive. My missus bless her, was there painting the transom plate as I was sticking the new waterpipe in the hole she got all excited when it appeared and started wiggling around all over her nice fresh paint OOOPPS no Mcdonalds for me on the way home .

Anyway we're nearly there as now the new prop has arrived with the new prop cone so we can now refit it to the leg and then fit the leg to the boat JOBS A GOOD UN.

Now, back at the yard the phones riniging AGAIN grrr (answers phone in a bit of a growl)

Turns out Its a young lad looking for a job and seems to know one end of a spanner from another (smile starts to twitch on my face) two days later im back in the shed and this almighty roar occurs outside (runs outside in a panic thinking that a hoard of hells angels have turned up to wreck the joint just because I ride a Honda 500 ) looking round for the mass gathering of bikes, confusion spreads across my bearded face when all I can see is a little 125cc stepthru moped, Turns out its a lad called Sam, (the same chap that was on the phone the other day). He's come down for a chat and tells me all about himself and his bikes. He's almost got the job at this point just because of the hilarious racket coming from such a tiny bike.

Turns out he has a hole in the exaust from a missing bolt (and more to the point missing baffles)! So after 30 mins spent in the pouring rain drilling and tapping a new thread for a bolt, he's shown he is capable of handling a spanner or two so told him he can start next week. So things should soon start to speed up around here with the extra help around.

so until next time .

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