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Updated: Nov 7, 2021

So now the hull has been painted and we are really pleased with the shine on the gloss. Not bad for a boat painted outside It just shows how important the prep work is, weeks and weeks of prep and sanding just to get a good result for half an hour of painting. With a bit of practice somehow a brush finished paint job always looks better than a spray finished paint job. Mabey it's because Im a traditionalist but it always looks like somthing from a bygon age when things were built to last It always has more depth.

It makes less mess and is faster to do (you dont have to mask everything up for a start).

We went for the black bow under the spray rail. It shows off the shape of the hull (we think it makes it look like a MTB)

Not to be outdone Rod has been rebuilding a 1.8 bmc and It looks fantastic It needed a new crank ,crankcases ,camshaft and a new conrod , so its almost a new engine this is the engine that we took out of a boat in London on the side of the riverbank without a crane.

This will be back in the boat before we know it It was a much bigger job than we thought when we stripped it dow it had worn its main bearings away and eaten the crankcases and eaten its big end bearings and wrecked a conrod and the crankshaft there were no bearings to be seen just bits in the bottom of the sump, so to get it running again was a bit of a mission.

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