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It's all coming together

so we havent posted anything for a while (again) ooops .

We have been doing so much varied stuff that I've not had a chance to photograph it so whilst putting the first coat of Teamac Marine Gloss on I thought I would share it with you . It was a warm humid overcast day, not the best for paintng . I was always looking at the sky panicking it was going to rain. It was drying so fast it was really hard to keep a wet edge but in the end the finish was fantastic look at that gloss, the reflection is really quite good although it would be better in the shed but thats got another boat in there at the moment.

Thats going to be the most amazing project a really traditional wooden topped cabin cruiser with some super modern touches like remote start so you can start the boat whilst sat at your beer garden table among other things . So somthing to look forward to this winter.

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