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I can see clearly now

So here we are again, another week gone. Where it's gone to I don't know, but gone it has and we have been very busy.

One of the jobs we have done this week is a quick refresh and colour change of the topsides paintwork and some new windows for a little 17ft river boat. This was a lovley result, as the old windows were crazed and milky but before we did this we gave the boat a quick rubdown and two coats of oxford blue marine gloss paint ,this was just the normal single pack Teamac Marine Gloss that we sell in the shop, and although it was done outside and with cheap disposable brushes in record time it came out really really well just showing what a difference a high quality paint makes to a job.

The self leveling properties of this paint are remarkable, you can barely tell it was brush painted

now all there is to do is a quick tidy of the inside electrics and a few finishing touches like a rubbing strip and some cockpit sides, then refit the engine and its ready for the water.

We love this style of window replacement with a aluminium window this size costing over £250+ plus fitting we managed to make all four of these windows for a cost of £300 thats less than one aluminium one and it can be resealed very easily if ever it was to leak although looking at the size of those gaskit faces and marine grade stainless steel locked fastenings thats unlikely to ever happen unless the window gets smashed or damaged.

Another job that was done this week was the rebuild of a 290 Volvo sterndrive leg.

When we took this off the boat It was totaly wrecked ,It had locked itself in forward drive and was leaking oil from every joint and holes corroded through the aluminium casing in many places (due to someone painting over the anodes).Now back together after much love and care this leg would have cost £4500 to replace with a new unit so we took the option of rebuilding it, replacing all the bearings and seals and corroded parts and reparing the corrosion damage to the casings and sealing faces, making it as good as new again ready for another 30 years of service.

NOW LOOK AT THE RESULT !!! All it needs now is a new propellor and cone, then we can refit it to the boat, along with new bellows, cables and a new water transfer pipe.

So, if you have a project boat that needs work or a project that is spiraling out of control we have the awnser and It doesnt have to be expensive to acheive great results .

Thats what I love about this Job, the final result! and the satisfaction of knowing you managed to save somthing most people would have just thrown away. I LOVE IT WHEN A PLAN COMES TOGETHER.

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