Luxury Yachts Sailing


We always have a new build in progress be it a custom built pre orderd boat or one were building for stock.

      We have our new chandlery which is stocked with all sorts, from nuts and bolts to timber , rope and varnish. not forgetting things like rivets,roves and plenty of tools to help you on your way, or just come and relax in our cosy reading area with one of the many good books we have in stock and a mug of steaming coffee and imerse yourself in another world and just enjoy the moment.

    Coming in to the shop doesnt mean your need to buy somthing quite the opposite.

   One of the things that was so important when setting up this new venture was that as we get so many people come to see what we do we thought it only right to give them somewhere comfey to sit , relax and learn about boats in there own time and way.